What to wear in Chamonix in summer?

Aiguille du Midi

You should always keep light layers for a place like Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, where you have to share space with sun, heat, and overnight chill. It’s crucial to bring layers because the summers in the Alps are often moderate. Although the mornings are often chilly, the clouds frequently burn off by the afternoon to show a bright sky. Layers are a need for this area, especially if you want to divide your time between a lower altitude hamlet and high mountain peaks, whether you’re taking part in an extreme activity or going on a trek beyond the community.

The weather can be different throughout the summer.

Snow on the upper hiking routes is melting as June continues to warm up, but snow can persist into July, so it’s always advisable to check the most current conditions before setting out. As the weather warms up and before the town fills up with summer tourists, you may start taking advantage of the summer activities available beginning in June, including anything from climbing to water rafting.

In July, Chamonix will see warm to hot weather that frequently intensifies into sweltering afternoons and nighttime thunderstorms. You may participate in all the summertime activities at this time of year, and canyoning or whitewater rafting are great methods to cool down!

August is comparable to July but maybe a touch hotter throughout the day. We advise gaining some elevation in order to escape the clouds and breathe cleaner air because the town is also very populated.

When looking up the summer weather in Chamonix, keep in mind that these averages are for the village of Chamonix. Though most of the village is located in a valley, many of your activities will require you to go to higher altitudes, where snowfall and significantly colder temperatures are more likely to occur.

Although it may be warm for your walks and daytime activities in the Chamonix valley, you’ll really need the extra comfy layers for after the sun goes down and at the top of the Aiguille du Midi. This is Chamonix’s number one summer attraction, and at an altitude of 12,602 feet, the temperature up there is much colder.

The most crucial things to bring to Chamonix are a decent pair of hiking boots and a pair of hiking socks. Chamonix is well known for its hiking opportunities, and the region’s varied landscape includes paved roads, steep cliffs, muddy slopes, pine woods, and more.

Swimsuit. Even if you don’t have any plans to visit any of the lakes, there is nothing better than a soak in a jacuzzi while gazing out over the gorgeous Alps.

Sunglasses. The sun is really strong. Don’t forget to pack some polarized eyewear.

Water bottle. It is important to stay hydrated during your hikes.

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