Versailles and beyond

We were delighted with our trip after Bordeaux. We had seen a lot and were full of emotions and impressions from the whole Eurotrip. So now we must drive the 2500 kilometers to Stockholm and then take the ferry back home.

But we still had a lot to see on the way. Our drive took us to the Loire Valley, where we had a lovely Bed & Breakfast for 35 EUR. We also planned to visit some gorgeous castles there, but we skipped that as the weather was rainy.

Instead of that, we spent half a day in Versailles. I was impressed by the grandeur of Versailles Castle and the gardens. Versailles is the most famous garden in the world. Versailles is situated several kilometers southwest of Paris. At the time of Louis XIII, there was no more than a modest hunting lodge. The creation of the great castle was due to Louis XIV, who abandoned the Louvre to build a royal palace. For tourists, there are several options. We wanted to see the gardens. As it is a vast area, we thought it was a good idea to go with a Petit Train. But this was not the right choice, because it does not take you to the main area. On the positive side, we also saw something additional to the garden, although we paid twice as planned (5 EUR per person for the train and 3 EUR for the parks). Versailles was a place worth visiting and added value to our trip.

Belgium, we just drove through. We had only one stop at the gas station for quick coffee and rest.


After the Belgium-German border roads improved, speed was raised. We found the accommodation with the help of TomTom Navigator. It has a feature where you can say “find the closest hotel” and “navigate there.”

Now we had only two driving days left. We drove through Germany and Denmark and spent the night in Sweden.

The last day was 400 km of Swedish roads, shopping in Stockholm Quality Outlet (golf gear, of course), and then from Frihamn with the Regina Baltica ferry to Tallinn, back home.

Some tips to keep in mind when making a similar trip:

  • Gasoline prices are higher in Belgium, France, Italy, and Germany. The lowest price is in Andorra, and the lower prices are also in Austria and Spain.
  • When checking hotel prices in France, remember that they usually do not include breakfast and are sometimes presented per person per night.
  • The busiest season in the area is in July and August, when children have summer vacation, and at this time, prices are higher.

Photos from the Eurotrip

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