Sauna culture in Finland

The sauna is one of the national icons of Finland. It is the same as pizza is for Italy or the kangaroo is for Australia. Sauna is for Finnish people both as a passion and as a part of their national identity. “Sauna” is actually a Finnish word, and it is, by the way, the only Finnish word that has entered the world’s vocabulary.

A sauna is for every occasion. It is used not only for leisure time but also for business. In Finland, it is considered normal to hold business meetings in saunas. A sauna is an excellent place for negotiations and the exchange of ideas due to its social nature and relaxing effects.

While a hot sauna may seem like a cruel punishment to inexperienced bathers, it is actually a very pleasant experience.

A short swim in a lake makes for the perfect sauna experience. In Sotkaniemi cottage, we had a sauna in a separate building just next to the lake. We used this sauna every evening, and we believe that this really made us more relaxed on that vacation.



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