Do I need snow tires to drive to Chamonix?

After November 1st, 2021, vehicles entering the mountains must have snow tires or chains.

The rule applies to all of France’s major mountain areas.

In some municipalities, vehicles driving in the mountains during the winter must be fitted with winter tires or chains to reduce traffic congestion on the highways in hilly regions and increase user safety.

What are the dates?
Snow tires or chains required 1.11-31.3

New signs?
However, it won’t always apply to all departments or all highways; the local prefect and councils will decide which communes and roads are affected. However, in some departments, it may imply 100% coverage.

The following new road signs will be put in place to let cars know when they are entering and exiting a designated area:

Failure to comply will result in a €135 fine and possible car immobilization.

I am personally recommending winter tires instead of chains.
Traveling to the various ski slopes is a given if you stay for the season. This is particularly true for Argentiere, where the routes are narrow and occasionally unclear. Additionally, you don’t want to waste your skiing time adjusting chains.

Helpful info on road conditions.

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