15 Reasons to Visit Zermatt in the Summer

Zermatt is a beautiful mountain village located in the Swiss Alps in the canton of Valais. It is famous for its stunning alpine views and access to some of the best skiing in Europe. But there is much more to Zermatt than just skiing. You can find plenty of reasons to visit Zermatt during the summer months to take advantage of the breathtaking scenery, unique attractions and activities, and excellent hospitality.

Here are 15 reasons why you should visit Zermatt in the summer:

1. The Mountain Views

Zermatt is surrounded by some of the most breathtaking mountain views in the world. The Matterhorn, the most iconic mountain in the Alps, is visible almost anywhere in the village. Of course, depending on the weather. With cloudy conditions, it might not be visible. Many other mountains in the area, such as the Weisshorn and Alphubel, also provide stunning views from any angle. Zermatt’s most famous mountain views are from the top of the Gornergrat. This mountain railway takes visitors up to a viewpoint over 3000 meters above sea level. Here, visitors can take in the breathtaking panorama of the Matterhorn and the surrounding mountain range while enjoying a unique perspective of the village below. Other popular views include Riffelberg, a small village perched on the edge of a cliff, offering incredible views of the valley below, and the summit of the Klein Matterhorn, which offers a bird’s eye view of the entire area.

2. Hiking

With such stunning mountain views, it is no wonder that hiking is one of the most popular activities in Zermatt. There are numerous trails throughout the area, ranging from easy to difficult, so you can find a hike that is right for you. With over 350 kilometers of trails, Zermatt offers many options for day hikes, overnight hikes, and multi-day treks.

The trails in Zermatt are well-marked and maintained, offering a variety of terrain for hikers to explore. There are routes suitable for all levels, from easy walks to challenging treks. Popular hikes include the Gornergrat ridge, which has stunning views of the Matterhorn, and the Five Lake Trail, which takes you past five gorgeous lakes. For those looking for a more extended adventure, the Haute Route is a popular multi-day trek that takes hikers through some of the most spectacular alpine scenery in the world.

3. The Lakes

Zermatt is home to some of the most beautiful lakes in the Alps.

Stellisee is one of the most popular lakes in Zermatt, located at an altitude of 2,010 meters. Majestic snow-capped peaks, lush mountain meadows, and lush forests surround its azure waters. This lake is also known for its excellent fishing, including trout and char.

Grindjisee is located at the foot of the Matterhorn, at an altitude of 1,735 meters. This lake is known for its crystal clear waters, surrounded by the rugged landscape of the Matterhorn. Grindjisee is covered by a thick layer of snow in the winter, making it the perfect place for a winter getaway.

Grünsee is also known as the Allalinsee, and it is located in the Allalin area of Zermatt. This lake is at an altitude of 2,844 meters, and a stunning mountain backdrop surrounds it. The lake is gorgeous in the spring when the snow melts and the alpine meadows come alive with wildflowers.

Moosjisee is slightly lower in altitude than the other lakes, at 2,058 meters. This lake is known for its picturesque views of the Matterhorn and the surrounding mountains. The lake is also a popular spot for swimming and boating.

Leisee is located at an altitude of 2,360 meters and is known for its stunning views of the Matterhorn. This lake is also popular for swimming, fishing, and enjoying the majestic mountain scenery.

4. The Ski Lifts

Even if you don’t ski, you can still enjoy the views from the top of the ski lifts. Many of the lifts are open during the summer months, providing amazing views of the valley.

The Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is the highest cable car in Europe, taking you to an elevation of 3,883 meters above sea level with stunning views of the Matterhorn and the Swiss Alps. The Gornergrat Bahn is another popular lift, taking you to an elevation of 3,089 meters with spectacular views of the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa, and the Gorner Glacier. Other ski lifts in the area include the Sunnegga Express, the Rothorn Bahn, and the Klein Matterhorn Express.

In the summer, ski lifts in Zermatt are open from late June to early October.

5. The Cable Cars

Taking the cable cars is a great way to get around the area and see the stunning views from above. Several cable cars take you from Zermatt to other nearby villages, such as Gornergrat and Schwarzsee.

6. The Gornergrat Bahn

This is a unique railway that takes you up to the summit of the Gornergrat, providing views of the Matterhorn and the surrounding mountains. The journey takes about half an hour, and during the summer, visitors can often see glaciers and snow-capped mountains all the way up the mountain.

At the top, visitors can explore the area and take in the views, which are some of the most impressive in the world. The Gornergrat is also home to an observatory and research station, a hotel, and several restaurants, so visitors can enjoy a bite to eat or stay overnight.

The Gornergrat Bahn is open year-round, but the summer months are especially popular. The weather is typically at its best, and the views are the most spectacular. With its stunning scenery and unique mountain railway, the Gornergrat Bahn in Zermatt is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a memorable experience.

7. The Glacier Express

This famous train journey takes you through the Swiss Alps, providing countryside views and stunning mountain scenery.

This seven-hour journey takes you from Zermatt to St. Moritz and back, providing you with a chance to take in the stunning alpine scenery and peaks of the Swiss Alps.

The Glacier Express runs from May through October, making it an ideal summer activity. During the summer months, the Glacier Express is a great way to experience the beauty of the Swiss Alps. As you travel through the breathtaking valleys and landscapes, you can take in some of the most spectacular views in the world.

The Glacier Express is also a great way to explore the culture and history of Switzerland. During the journey, you will pass through several charming villages and towns, giving you a glimpse into the local culture and traditions of the region. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to take in some of the country’s most iconic landmarks, including the Matterhorn, the Jungfrau, and the Eiger.

8. Shopping

Zermatt is home to some of the best shopping in Switzerland. You can find everything from designer boutiques to local souvenirs, making it a great place to pick up some unique souvenirs.

9. The Après-Ski

Zermatt is known for its vibrant après-ski scene, which is just as popular in the summer months. There are a number of great bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a drink or some local cuisine.

10. The Restaurants

Zermatt is home to some of the best restaurants in the Alps, serving up local and international cuisine. You can find everything from traditional Swiss dishes to international favorites.

From cheese-filled dishes to hearty stews, here is a look at some of the most popular traditional Swiss dishes.

Rösti: Rösti is a popular potato dish that is made by grating potatoes and frying them in a pan until they are golden and crispy. It is usually served with fried eggs, bacon, and cheese.

Fondue: Fondue is a Swiss dish that consists of melted cheese in a pot. It is typically served with cubes of bread that are dipped into the cheese.

Älplermagronen: Älplermagronen is a dish made of macaroni, potatoes, onions, and cheese. It is usually served with applesauce and a dollop of cream.

Raclette: Raclette is a type of Swiss cheese that is melted and served with boiled potatoes and pickles.

Zürcher Geschnetzeltes: Zürcher Geschnetzeltes is a traditional Swiss dish of veal or beef strips served in a creamy white wine sauce. It is usually served with white rice or noodles.

Tirggel: Tirggel is a type of Swiss cookie made with honey and spices and is usually decorated with nuts and dried fruit.

These are just a few of the traditional Swiss dishes that have been enjoyed for many years. Whether you’re looking for a classic Swiss meal or something a little more adventurous, there are plenty of delicious traditional dishes to choose from.

11. Festivals

The most popular festival in Zermatt is the Zermatt Unplugged festival. This five-day event, held in June, celebrates contemporary music featuring international and local acts. During the festival, the streets of Zermatt are filled with music, food, and fun. Visitors can also take part in special activities like mountain biking and paragliding.

The Zermatt Jazz Festival is another popular event in the village. This three-day festival, held in July, features a range of traditional and modern jazz styles. The event also features several workshops and master classes.

The Zermatt Wine Festival takes place in August and is a celebration of local wine and food. Visitors can taste a variety of wines from the region and sample gourmet dishes prepared by local chefs. There are also activities like wine tasting and live music.

The Zermatt Summer Festival is a three-day art, music, and theater event. The festival, held in August, showcases a variety of performances from international theater troupes and local bands, as well as art exhibitions and workshops.

Finally, the Zermatt Mountain Festival is a great way to experience the area’s natural beauty. This three-day event, held in September, includes various outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, and paragliding.

12. The Hotels

With its stunning mountain views, Zermatt is home to some of the most luxurious hotels in the Alps. Many of them offer great amenities and services, making them perfect for a relaxing getaway.

13. Adventure Sports

Zermatt is a great place to try some of the more extreme adventure sports, such as paragliding, canyoning, and mountain biking.

14. Nature

Zermatt is surrounded by some of the most beautiful and untouched nature in the Alps. You can find plenty of walking trails and wildlife to explore.

15. Hospitality

The people of Zermatt are some of the friendliest and most welcoming people in the world. They will be sure to make you feel right at home.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should visit Zermatt in the summer. With its stunning mountain views, great activities, and superb hospitality, Zermatt is the perfect destination for a summer getaway.

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