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Sotkaniemi cottage

Sotkaniemi property stands at the very end of the cape at the lake Paatari. It is a big house with three bedrooms and large living room with the fireplace. Sauna is in the separate building.

When we arrived, all of us said “Wow” at least once because we felt that this is just a perfect place for a week long family vacation.

The powerboat stood near the house ready for departure. Although nobody of us has tried driving it before, all of us had at the end of this week. First trial was after taking our luggage inside.

What we did there for a week?

We learned how to use spinning. Sotkaniemi cottage is taken care by Aune and Vilho - the neighbors. It seems that they also take about the guests. They brought us fresh catch of fish, they instructed us to use the spinning, they smoked us the fish.

We were taking the healthy sauna every day.

We visited Kalliosaari at the lake Paatari at the beautiful sunny day. Kalliosaari is a inhabited small cliff in the middle of the lake Paatari. We had a picnic there. We also found there different berries to taste.
Sunset of Lapland
Vilho took us to bog to pick up bakeapples. This was very refreshing walk in the bog in very fresh air. Bakeapple season was already at the end, but we still managed to pick up some liter for a jam within 1,5 hour. After that we made pancakes and ate them with self made fresh jam. I think there is hard to find something comparable to that after being the whole day in fresh air.

We enjoyed the reindeer families who came to visit us every morning and every evening. At first we were a little bit freighted when they came so close to the house. But already at the second day this was just a pleasure to follow their routines.

We bought reindeer skins and antlers as souvenirs. The skin made our cat at home a bit stressful.