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Eurotrip Conclusions and Tips

Saint Tropez

  Date   What we did km
1 June 10 Friday Ferry departures from Tallinn at 11AM 0
2 June 11 Saturday Ferry arrived in Rostock at 1PM; Driving to Oberammengau 870
3 June 12 Sunday Schwangau, Garmich-Partenkirchen, arriving in Vienna 580
4 June 13 Monday Business 0
5 June 14 Tuesday Business, Departure from Vienna in the afternoon, Zell am See 400
6 June 15 Wednesday Crossing the Alps, Grossclockner, arriving in Mestre, Venice 400
7 June 16 Thursday Venice, Alassio for night 480
8 June 17 Friday Monaco, Nizza, Grasse for night 200
9 June 18 Saturday Cannes, St.Tropez, Hyeres for night 200
10 June 19 Sunday Sanary-Sur-Mer, Bonnieux, Roussillon, Lagrasse 470
11 June 20 Monday Figueres, Cadaques, Pyrenees, Andorra Ville for night 490
13 June 21 Tuesday Shopping in Andorra, Pyrenees, Huesca for the night 280
14 June 22 Wednesday San Sebastian, Biarritz 300
15 June 23 Thursday Dyne de Pyla, Bordeaux 300
16 June 24 Friday Bordeaux, B&B in Loire valley 300
17 June 25 Saturday Versailles, Belgium, Alsdorf in Germany for a night 720
18 June 26 Sunday Driving through Denmark, Sanna in Sweden for the night 1100
19 June 27 Monday Sockholm, Regina Baltica ferry departed from Stockholm 510
20 June 28 Tuesday Home, sweet home 0
      Total 7 600

Some tips to keep in mind when making similar trip:

  • Gasoline prices are higher in Belgium, France, Italy and Germany. The lowest price is in Andorra and lower prices also in Austria and Spain.
  • When checking hotel prices in France, keep in mind that they usually do not include breakfast and sometimes are presented per person per night.
  • The busiest season is in the area is July-August, then children have summer holiday and at this time prices are higher.

Travel itinerary in Autoroute format is available here: Eurotrip Itinerary