Namuang Safari Park in Koh Samui

The day started with a trip to Namuang Safari Park. We were picked up from our hotel at 9 AM and drove to the park with an open truck (in Philippine terms, a jeepney). In Namuang Safari Park, we took an elephant ride.

Elephant trekking is a popular activity on Koh Samui. It was possible to choose between a 30-minute or a 1-hour ride. Although the one-hour ride included going to a waterfall to swim and rest, we took a half-hour trek as we had a small child. This was fun, sitting in the cart at the top and just enjoying the surroundings. We made some stops, and the “driver” made some sales to us at one point. It was successful, as we bought a bracelet and a tiny elephant for necklaces. Both were made from elephant bone.

 We also enjoyed the elephant, monkey, and crocodile shows in the safari park. The monkeys displayed their skill in the monkey show, not just at picking coconuts. This was fun.

There were also plenty of opportunities to take pictures with parrots, elephants, monkeys, and even tiger babies.

After the tour of Namuang Park, we had a good time at the pool. Some of us also visited a famous Thai massage for a foot massage and an aloe vera massage to help the skin from sunburning.

In the evening, we visited Lamai beach’s “city center,” about a 15-minute walk from our hotel. The only bad thing about walking was that the road followed the main car road from Lamai to Chaweng (a pretty busy street) and did not have a walking path. So, it was uncomfortable with the trolley, and later we came back by taxi for 300 Baht.

We had dinner at the same restaurant as the last night-Bauhaus, Bistro-and the dinner was delicious again. And the pancake after that tasted exceptionally well.

Samui Aquarium, Bo Phut

We have spotted that famous landmarks near our Rummana hotel are better to photograph in the morning. We started the day with a walk to Grandmother and Grandfather’s rocks. This strange rock formation reminds me of… genitals. The local legend says that the stones appeared after two lovers drowned themselves in the sea because their families disapproved of their relationship. Another legend says that couples trying to have a baby should come here for “positive vibrations and good energy” to help the woman conceive.

After taking the photos and buying some excellent and cheap souvenirs from the small market nearby, we headed to Samui Aquarium by taxi for 400 baht. Later, it came out that it would have been possible to use the free shuttle to the aquarium from the Lamai center.

The Samui Aquarium is situated at the Orchid Resort. The resort has a lovely beach and a large pool area. We suggest taking some time and pool equipment with you and visiting the Samui Aquarium.

The main attractions of the aquarium showed marine life. The aquariums were generally small. The feeding of the turtles was fascinating. At 1 PM, a tiger and parrot show was available for all who had bought the Aquarium ticket.

Then we had enough time at the aquarium, and on the beautiful beach, so we took a taxi to drive back. But we changed our minds at one point and decided to move around the island.

We stopped at Mummified Monk, where we saw the mummified body of a monk named Luang Por Ruam. He was put here 25 years ago and looks remarkably good. The entrance is free, but you should wear modest clothing and remove your shoes before entering.

The next stop was in Nathon, where the driver suggested we walk around and shop for one hour. We did not find many interesting things to see or to buy, so we were much quicker than an hour back in our taxi.

The last stop in BoPhut was one of the day’s highlights. According to Lonely Planet, Bo Phut is one of the most beautiful villages. We can only agree. The village was cozy and easily walkable, with less traffic than in Chaweng or Lamai.

The National Marine Park

We booked a trip to Ang Thong National Marine Park for the last full day. We found it cheaper to buy the journey from one of those tour sellers at Lamai Center. We got a discount of 1000 baht for three tickets, which cost us 3000 baht for a day trip with lunch and snacks.

Ang Thong National Marine Park comprises 42 islands featuring limestone massifs, tropical rain forests, and deserted beaches. The whole trip was full of fascinating views of small islands. The Ang Thong islands rise from the sea as dramatic rock walls, soaring hundreds of meters high. There are many small coves and beautiful beaches where erosion has shaped some interesting formations.

We made a stop for the beach and snorkeling at Ko Wua Ta Lap. Some people went kayaking. We did not buy this first. But it seemed that this was not a problem. We bought it there for 500 baht for two people. Kayaking was fun, but snorkeling was not. There was not much to see in the water. The views from the beach were beautiful, and we just enjoyed it.

The next step was made at Koh Mae Ko. There was also a beautiful beach and an emerald saltwater lake, Thale Nai. To see that, it needed to climb up.

The whole trip was full of breathtaking views. I would suggest exploring Ang Thong National Marine Park to any nature lover.

Goodbye, beautiful Samui

We left the hotel so early that Rummana Resort packed the breakfast into boxes. After checking in, we had time to spend at the airport.

You can truly enjoy your time at Samui Airport. It has no walls, only a roof. So you can enjoy the warmth. At the “gate,” everybody can enjoy coffee, tea, or juice; cakes and newspapers are also available. I already want to go back. It is the world’s best airport!

Our time in Samui and Thailand was up for this time. But we know that we will go back there, because of the friendly people, because of nature, because of the climate and also because of the cost level.

Tips to be shared from our Koh Samui trip:

  • You can trust reviews and pictures of accommodations; you can save time by booking in advance.
  • Credit cards are not accepted everywhere; you are better off with cash; ATMs are easily accessible in significant villages.
  • Meter taxi means that the taxi driver has in the car the list with prices for all possible routes on the island;
  • Grandmother, grandfather rock, and Big Buddha need morning light for good photos.
  • Since the surface and surroundings are unsuitable, Koh Samui does not require a stroller. Our only option for using our stroller was at the hotel.

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