Biloxi, Mississippi

We arrived in Biloxi, Mississippi in the afternoon, after driving along the shores of the Gulf. Biloxi got its name from a Native American group that lived on these shores at the time of European contact.

In the evening, we checked in to the Star Inn motel for $39 per room and went to wander around. The harbor was a very interesting place with yachts and people coming from the sea from fishing trips or somebody selling the fresh catch of shrimp.

There is a beautiful lighthouse on Beach Blvd in Biloxi. It was built in 1848 and remains a loved local landmark in the middle of the four-lane highway. Interestingly, this lighthouse has a tradition of female lighthouse-keepers.

We had a delicious dinner in an oyster restaurant. The price was extremely cheap—25c per oyster. This may be caused by the fact that Biloxi is home to one of the world’s largest oyster populations. Oysters are prone to living in areas where salt water mixes with fresh water, which happens in the waters right outside Biloxi.

In the restaurant, it was a little bit surprising to see that some people ate oysters with ketchup and cookies. Anyway, the oysters were fresh and delicious at Famous Joe’s Oyster Bar. It is worth visiting, but take cash with you (cards were not accepted at the time we visited).

Famous Joe’s Oyster Bar

Casinos are allowed in Mississippi. There are several Vegas-style casinos in Biloxi. We are not gamblers, but as usual, there are great shows available in casinos. We visited Beau Rivage and saw an excellent Russian Circus Show. Casinos also affect local prices for entertainment, lodging, and food. Therefore, if you are around, it’s worth staying here rather than driving towards Alabama, where prices are higher.

In the morning, we attended the Biloxi Shrimping Trip. It was an enjoyable 70-minute boat ride where a boatman caught shrimp and fish similar to the large shrimping expedition. The boat departed early in the morning from the Small Craft Harbor and cost $11.

We also sunbathed on the 26-mile-long beach, which is man-made. All the white sand is carried here. The Mississippi sound is clean and warm. It is also possible to use the shower after swimming in salty water. After relaxing on the beach, we continued toward Alabama and Florida.

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