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Spain, Pyrenees and Andorra

Salvador Dali

After the breakfast in Lagrasse we continued our trip towards Spain. French-Spain border was guarded and they even stopped us in order to check our documents.

Our first planned stop was in Figueres in order to see the Spanish town and visit Dali Museum. We thought that it would be wise to visit local tourist info first to book the accommodation and get some additional ideas about what to see and do around. To be honest this was waste of time. Lady in the Info was talking with the phone and when we got her attention, she suggested us to look at the stands about the information.

Figueres is a small city situated 100 km north of Barcelona. It is famous being home town of Salvador Dali. In Figueres you must visit Teatre-Museu Dali, which is full of surrealist masterpieces. Dali himself is buried inside his Museum. I think it does not matter whether you like Dali or not, the place is definitely worth visiting. I also think that Figueres is a good place to buy interesting souvenirs, at least we liked it.

In the afternoon we continued to Cadaques, because Lonely Planet said:
“If you have time for only one stop on the Costa Brava, you can hardly do better than Cadaques.”
Cadaques is 40 km of mountain roads from Figueres. They repaired the road in June 2005, so now it should be easier. On the beaches in Cadaques there is no sand, but pebbles. Water is blue and clear and the architecture of the village around is beautiful. Most of the buildings are white. We had a lunch in the beach restaurant here. It seems that they are very good with combos here. For 10EUR per person you will have a salad or soup, pasta or pizza and a coffee.

After lunch we headed towards Pyrenees and Bay of Biscay. Our intention was to drive approximately 150km and find some cozy B&B type accommodation in the mountains. When driving in Pyrenees, stormy weather started. It rained heavily and thunder was on. The driving speed was very low because of the mountains and weather. The road was narrow, but views were beautiful (especially then it did not rain). We thought that were will be several accommodation options in the mountains, but we were mistaken. There was none available. Then again we looked help from Lonely Planet guide and called to hotels in Andorra Ville.

Andorra is something completely different. It is like a big shopping paradise in the mountains. Finding the hotel was easy. Next day before lunch we busy with shopping. The price for electronics is really good, but still bargaining is a must. We also drove around a little bit in order to see the surroundings. As in winter Andorra is a ski-resort, the atmosphere was very good around. We had a lunch in Andorra also, but to be honest the food here was not comparable what we have had so far on our trip.

After filling up (as the price was 0.84EUR instead of 1.25EUR in Spain) we continued our drive towards Bay of Biscay. It was really enjoyable ride, with magnificent views. It was surprise to me that corn was already harvested and sunflowers blossom in June. Huesca is one of the provinces of the Aragon region; it is also a small town. We found a fancy hotel in the center. It was very easy to find it, because there were several pointers in town showing the name of the hotels and number of stars it has with the direction. We found a snob hotel for 70EUR.

In the morning we continued our trip. Next planned stop was San Sebastian. San Sebastian (Donostia San Sebastian) is a beautiful beach town in Spain, near the border with France and at the Bay of Biscay. The beach here is stunning. And the town itself had a wonderful atmosphere. At the beach we noticed strange thing, people do not lie on the sand or sit - they just walk around. If you look at any photo taken there, you will notice that also. Also, as we were there at the lunchtime, we saw lot of people coming there for the lunchtime - they spent an hour on the beach and most probably went back to the office. We spent most of the day in San Sebastian, breathing in resort’s atmosphere and relaxing. It was planned to spend here a night also, but we did not find a Tourist Info for helping us with the hotel and therefore decided to drive to France.

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