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Philippines photo gallery


I'm pilipina residing now in Germany. Everytime I saw some photos about Philippines I feel terrible homesick I missed already the beauty and warm weather of our mother land. Every 2 years I go back to Philippines with my German husband and 2 kids for vacation and this comming December were fly back to Philippines to celebrate X-mas masaya kasi ang Pasko sa atin di tulad dito sa Europe boring at malungkot.

Regards to all kababayan

Looks you have a goodtime in philippines with your pictures i live in palawan just the otherside of port barton barangay kemdeng during the time you are their i was a residence artist on the village which im interested ducumenting the local house and be part of the community...check my pics on i like to see more of your travel keep up the posetive though..
all the best..

hi Diokno, saw ur post here. hope to visit Palawan soon. Simon

I'm glad to know that you have been to the Philippines- my home country.
I am a Filipino presently residing in China and I do miss those places in the pictures which I myself had visited once. They are great pictures really and they make me homesick!
I can't wait to be home again and enjoy the beaches!

Thank you for these pictures kersti... very nice!

Hi. great pics.... Did you use any type of filter (polarizer, etc) on any of the Boracay pics? thanks.

thank you for sharing the pics. palawan is really a nice place.
mandy ;)


You take fantastic photos! Everyone of them are beautiful...especially the locals (little beach girl). Thanks for sharing them with us.

Thank you, kersti, for the beautiful pix of Palawan. My wife is from there and will be happy to see them. I have pictures from my 3 trips there.

Thanks for I cant wait to go back home.

gosh, it breaks my heart to see the pictures. i ve also been in palawan, coz it s less touristic, and YES it s incredible beautifull.
Very nice pictures KERSTI , you re a good photographer.
here s my email adress, so we can share experiences about travelling
also visit my pictures of the philipinnes, or the pictures of kenya, they are also put in pbase.
GGOODDD job kersti, i m glad you spend a nice time.

Wonderful photographs, Kersti! Thanks for sharing some absolutely stunning scenes!

Wow! I can´t find a word to say every picture are great! Thanks for sharing with us now i can´t wait to travel back again.

gusto konang omowi ang sarap!!

Very nice photos, I have make a link to your site
check out at

You must have had fun over there... you recorded the spirit of the place so nicely... feel like I've been there.

Just amazed on how you conceptualize this album. Its just amazingly great...All shots were clear and the colors are perfect. Now Im having second thought about my Camera....Nikon :)

Hi, we would like to request if we can use your Boracay photos for our publication titled "South Express"? "South Express" is published fortnightly by Inquirer Publications and is distributed for FREE.

For our next issue on "Sailing," we would like to borrow your Boracay photos to grace our cover or our stories in the inside pages.

In case you approve of our request, we would be needing high-resolution files of your photos.



Thank you for sharing. I have to go there.

Thank you for sharing photos of my home country. I haven't been there since 1987. You represented it well.


this gallery is so beautiful. Last year I spent 7 month in the Philippines and I really can say that I like this country. That`s the reason why I go back in two weeks.... :-)
Thanki you for this nice pictures!

A very beautiful gallery, nice landscapes

Its always a pleasure to see my country from the eyes of a foreigner. Great Job! Loo forward to more photos!

I am so very happy to see photos of our village Port Barton.The photos is very nice.

Kersti, you don't understand how your pictures make me feel......makes me miss my country and my family so much. As bad as it is in the Philppines today, economically and politically, those pictures gives the Filipinos something to be proud of. thnx for those pics!

Great pics! It makes me feel proud to be a Filipino.

I think this is the most dramatic and most beautiful presentation of my homeland in photography. The best one i've seen in the net so far. Thanks for all these stuffs. It really made me very proud of my homeland. Best regards.

You have the most beautiful photos of the Philippines I have ever seen on the Net. Thanks for sharing.
My webpage: Filipino at Santiago de Compostela

Beautiful photos. Our search led us to this website as we are planning to relocate from boring, cold Estonia to warm and nice Philippines, at least for a year or two.
Kersti, could we contact you, if you don't mind?

It really seems like a place one has to visit!! I need sun - right now!! great gallery

Beautiful gallery! thank you for sharing such wonderful photos.

"A picture is worth a thousand words"...and you show it with clarity. I can give my life of comfort here to live in a paradise like the islands in the Philippines. God bless the children...

Nice images in your gallery. Learning to change composition to take the subject out of the dead center of the frame would improve many of your images greatly. Keep shooting. I wish I had the opportunity to shoot pictures at such a beautiful place.... maybe someday.

Thanks for sharing your photos. The Philippines is a very magical place. If you have the time you can see the trip I took there:

Scroll down to the Philippines album. Take care.

beautifully and professionally done.lovely pics,stunning scenery.good luck on ur adventures. arnel...cambridge inglatera

Absolutely amazing. Excellent taste in shots. Wow. You've made me realize that amidst the supposed problems of the Philippines, it's really up to you to choose the images you want in your mind.

Hello Kersti,
My husband and I will be visiting Manila and Palawan very shortly. Do you have any advice as to what we should pack or sights/activities you would highly recommend? Any suggestions would be higly appreciated!

Hello, May I use some of your picture for my music video about mu country?


My name is Jose, an artist from the Philippines residing in California right now. I like very much how you capture all the reality about my country. I am planning to go back one day and do the same as you did so I could have the model for my paintings in which Philippines is my subject. Now that I found your impressive works, I could not wait anymore to take photos back home. Can I ask your permission if I could use some of your photos for my paintings.

Thank you very much in advance.

hi kersty!,,napakaganda ng kuha mo....can i borrow some shots,,i will use it for my design about my homeland..salamat..

Proud to be Pinoy!!!!..ipakita natin sa mundo

Your photos are GREAT!!! They are so INSPIRING and very IMPRESSIVE... you simply knew how to showcase the natural beauty of the Philippines with great sensitivity. Well done!

from chicago: your shots of beautiful philippines are simply perfect! wonderful job!

Kersty... Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures of my native land. I have my 7 year old son working on a heritage report and he found these sights and animals to be perfect.
You really helped me appreciate how gorgeous the islands can be.
From a 37 yr old american raised filipina girl. You are wonderful!

ayyy GRABE ang ganda man ini...bongga ka dai....bongga ka bi...
danggit lang dati ngayun ay congee...

the pictures are makes me feel like going home...i've been here with the snow...

amin nga ilokano ...agbiag kayo...

I'm a filipino residing in london, upon viewing your pictures of my home country, I was gripped with extreme nostalgia. fantastic almost unexplainable feeling. thank you very much

awesome galleries. this is my favorite. amazing capture of place and people.

great artistic photos kersti! makes me proud of the beauty of the philippines. what camera did you use? i hope you'll post more photos.

The Boracay pictures are amazing! I cannot wait till I set foot on that beach.

wow, you have amazing eyes! thanks for the beautiful pictures....=P

Excellent Photos. I lived at Subic Bay in the mid 70's, What a neat place to live for a couple years. My father was in the Navy. I wonder if anyone old enough to remember the mid 70's and the tv commercials comming out of Manila ? There were movie trailers from time to time for then the national martial arts star. His name as it sounded was "Lee to laup ey" - "stunt man, action star"
I haven't been able to find any information about him on the internet anywhere. Any hints ??
Once again thanks for all the great photos.