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Geishas in Kyoto

We have planned to visit Japan long time. Our expectations to the trip were quite high - modern technology from one hand and traditional Japan from the other hand. We wanted to see as much as possible in ten days.

Japan has seen exceptional economic growth since 1950. Now it is one of the World's most powerful economies. Japan has bustling cities burst with skyscrapers, bullet trains and trendy people at the streets. Yet beneath the brash modernity beats an ancient heart. This is still the realm of the exquisite art of the geisha and the skill of the sumo wrestler.

Post factum we can say Japan is a land of contrast and miracles. Tokyo dazzles with bright lights and high-tech gadgetry while traditions and history stand at every corner in Kyoto. Adding to that the peace and sadness from Hiroshima, it made just perfect trip to us.

Japan is unforgettable.