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A trip to Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

One weekend it was possible to take Friday off we visited Niagara Falls. From Stamford to Niagara Falls there is 460 miles (740km). As Friday was free, we started our trip already on Thursday evening. On the way we met a really strong rain and thunderstorm - although it should have been light, it was totally dark because of thunderstorms.

With the accommodation it was as our previous experiences in USA - just decide when you want to stop, take a break in the rest area, find the coupon book and most possibly you will find decent motel for approximately 40-50USD.

The whole Friday was almost driving. We made several stops. We viewed a lake Ontario. We stopped in one Factory Outlet. Also we visited a winery.

Around 7PM we arrived in Niagara Falls. We found the motel, had a dinner and then decided to walk towards the falls. We were lucky and arrived near falls exactly at the time of every Friday’s fireworks. It was awesome.

Saturday surprised us with a beautiful weather - absolutely no clouds. So, we spend the whole day at Niagara Falls State Park and enjoyed several attractions. The Niagara Falls comprises several spectacular waterfalls. Therefore there is lot to see.

One what we suggest to try is famous Maid of the Mist. This is 30-minute boat ride that will take you very close to the falls. I believe this is as close as you dare to get. We had blue raincoats on and this was definitely needed, as there is wet.

Another attraction we tried was Cave of the Winds, where we experienced the thundering power of the mighty Niagara. We were surprised how close to the falls we got by walking. But again, there is a great possibility to get wet and damage the camera. There was also a suggestion to try the cave out after sunset, we did not try, but I believe it might be quite interesting experience.

Interesting facts about Niagara Falls:

  • 20% of Earth’s fresh water flows over Niagara Falls, this is more than at any other falls in the World;
  • The Niagara River is not a river at all, it is straight connection between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario;
  • Niagara is 12 000 years old, a mere newborn in geological terms;
  • The American “brink” is 1060 feet in length and 176 high. 150 000 gallons of water tumble over its edge each second.
  • The Horseshoe Falls is 2600 feet across its brink and 167 feet high. 600 000 gallons of waterfall from its brink each second.

The weather on that Saturday was so different what we have had so far. We just breathed in the warmth and sun in the park of Niagara Falls. At one point our legs were so tired that we just lied back at the grass and sunbathed.

Then going back to on Sunday the weather has been changed again. It was cloudy and closer to NYC it even started to rain and we saw real thunderstorms. As with such weather it was impossible to enjoy the nature, we spend a driving break in the outlet center in New Jersey.