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Chaweng, Big Buddha and Wat Plai Laem

Chaweng beach

13 March

We woke up after very good sleep, had a breakfast and wanted to extend our stay in Al’s Resort. Unfortunately they did not have availability. Before the trip we read many travel forums and almost everybody suggested not to book the hotel before for whole stay and these suggestions promised that there will be plenty of good accommodation available to choose. With the experience now I could say that reading the reviews of previous travelers in Sawadee and looking the pictures gives a very good picture about the reality and next time I would book the hotel for more than one night at least.

After realizing that we need the new place to stay we walked on Chaweng beach to find good place. And our choice was just few steps from Al’s Resort – Chaweng Buri Resort. This resort impressed us with very beautiful villas in the nice garden. Although, this resort was a little bit more expensive – 4500 Baht per villa. The pool was very good, it had the children area and the restaurant was also excellent. But again, it was available for one night. The staff was very helpful and they promised to call us if any availability appears.

We spent some time near the pool when our 2-year old had a good daydream. After that we wanted to see Big Buddha. We took a cab (for 400Baht) and drove there.

Big Buddha temple is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Koh Samui, on island’s North coast. The Buddha is 12 meter high and sits on a small islet connected to the big island by an unpaved causeway. Big Buddha statue stands at the top of ceremonial dragon-steps at the Wat Phra Yai. Big Buddha is impressive, but so are also the views from the platform to the beaches and sea.

In front of the temple is a cluster of shops and food stalls. We also made some souvenir shopping there. After a good walk and stepping on the stairs we asked taxi driver to take us back to Chaweng. He did not speak very good English but somehow explained us that he wants to take us to some other temple. At first we understood that he wants to take us to some shop or sell something and we were quite resistant. After reaching the destination we were very pleased.
Taxi driver took us to Wat Plai Laem. Wat Plai Laem is one of the most colorful temples in Samui and it features 18-arm strong Buddha statue in the middle of the lake. The lake is full of big fishes. Our youngest, the 2-year old, really enjoyed feeding fishes with bread, which seemed to be very popular attraction. The Wat was really impressive, with it’s colors, the statues of Buddha. It is very new, newly built only in 2004. It seems that they continue the construction work in the area. This is really place worth of visiting then in Samui.

After these nice tourings we went back to Chaweng for a tasty Thai dinner in the restaurant across the street from our hotel. The food came quick, service was excellent and food could not be better. The price for dinner for 4 people with some beers was about 900 Baht.

After dinner we checked from reception whether there is any availability for next nights. Unfortunately it was none. But the reception guy was very helpful and started to call to other hotels to find an option for us. As the similar options to Buri hotel were not available in Chaweng we looked for options in Lamai beach. Changing the location was really okay for us, as in our original plans we even wanted to stay there.

Chaweng is most busy beach in Samui, but it has really beautiful white sand. Both hotel options we had had great locations and we recommend staying either in Al’s Resort or Chaweng Buri resort.