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Slopes in Åre

Slopes in Are

Åre is one of the leading winter sports resorts in Sweden. Åre has regularly hosted World Cup competition and many guests come to the resort around the world to try out slopes.

There are over 90 km of prepared ski runs to choose, everybody can find something suitable - there are slopes for children and for experienced skiers. There are 110 ski runs, from those 45 are blue and 35 are red. The longest run is 6.5km. The highest run in Åre is at 1275m and maximum vertical drop is 890m. There are 50 lifts in total which can serve more than 50 000 visitors in one hour.

Åre skiing area consists of five villages. Ski buses run between all five ski villages, lift pass is also a bus ticket. Staying in one of them, you can ski them all. Each village has its own character:

Åre Village is for expert skiers, who are looking for action and pulse, this area is famous for its challenging runs. There are also some gentle runs, but majority are not for beginners. Åre village is buzzing with life and there are many restaurants, bars, nightclubs, stores and ski shops. Here you can enjoy Apres ski activities.

Åre Björnen is best for the families with children, it lies east of Åre village. Here on the mountain slopes among snow-covered meadows and fields, you will find a true paradise for kids. The ski-area is dedicated for families with small children. Here is easy to keep track of children. Also, there is everything you need – restrooms, nursery rooms, snow playground and a restaurant. The area is connected with Åre village, so if ithe runs here seem already too easy, you can go further. Here are also several cross-country trails.

Tegefjäll lies in the south with the view of the beautiful Renfjäll. If you are looking for good skiing, peace and quiet and would rather relax in the chalet than rush out into the nightlife, Tegefjäll is for you. The slopes start just next door to the cottages and those are linked to slopes in Duved. Here our children learned to ski downhill. In Tegefjäll you can ski in the High Zone, above the treeline. At the foot of Tegebacken and Tegesvängent there is a hill for sledging and a play area.

The slopes in Duved are for all type of skiers. There are areas marked as green slopes, but here are also many red and black runs. The variety of ski runs is impressive. The slopes in Duved’s high zone are quite easy and the whole family can enjoy skiing above the tree line. To that high takes you the six-seat lift with windshield.

Edsåsdalen is 22km from Åre village. It is a cosy spot for all generations in a family, it is a classic ski village. There are total of five lifts that take you to 13 different ski runs. The slopes are exclusively blue and green, which makes it a good spot for children and beginners. There are also many cross-country tracks.

Daylight in Åre is quite short in December - January, sunrise is at 9:30AM and sunset approximately 3:30PM, this gives 6 hours time to ski under the real sun. But there is also a possibility to ski in the light after the sunset. The lightening system is constructed on the best slopes, so there you can experience night skiing.

Our family has been very pleased with the downhill skiing possibilities in Åre and we will go there for several times again.