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Skiing holiday in Åre, Sweden



We have been in Sweden several times due to the fact that Estonia is very close to Sweden. This is just one night on ferry to go to Stockholm. We have seen Sweden in spring, summer, autumn, but the best is in our opinion in winter, because of the excellent skiing resorts Sweden has.

First time we went skiing to Åre, was the New Year of 1999. Our friends organized the skiing trip and we were there five families together, having fun and learning to enjoy the slopes. Now the time has passed by and it felt that we want to experience this again.

We started the planning late - beginning of November 2001. We needed just a cottage in Åre or nearby and a ferry ticket for Christmas-New Year time. With ferry tickets there are no problems - just couple of weeks before you can get the car-package, as the ferry operates every day. But finding a cottage in ski resort for that period was a bit of the problem. We used online booking page Skistar. This page helps with the resorts in Sweden and Norway. You just pick the resort and tell when you want to go and how many people; you will get the options available. For us there were two important needs the cottage should meet - it should be not far from the lifts and it should have sauna. Soon we realized that it might be impossible to get what we want for Christmas period, but we continued to push refresh button and we were lucky at on point - somebody has canceled the reservation in excellent Belwobyn Chalet in Åre village, in the very central location.

Belwobyn is a small chalet situated near the World Cup run. The chalets are central secluded. The cottage has fantastic views over Åre Valley. The apartment is 52 square meters, 2 bedrooms, living room with bar kitchen and two bedrooms. In all apartments there are sauna and fireplace. So, this was exactly what we desired, though a little bit above the planned budget. Afterwards, however, it feels that this was really value for money and definitely worth it.


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I am very happy to visited in Sweden recently. the place very beautiful... if any body like to visit then try to visit... as my veiw Sweden is very beautiful..

im agree with you. I was in Sweden last year, in Uppsala and Stockholm and I think is a beautiful country, the old buildings, the landscape, the color... is an amazing place to visit and I hope visit one day (maybe in my golden age)