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The beach and the city in Rhodes

The Rhodes Beach

When we were checked in to the Esperia hotel, we went to walk around the city. First we checked out the beach in the Rhodes town. The main beach in town is stony Rhodes Town Beach. The town beach is very close to city hotels and the Aquarium. This beach is clean and has a Blue Flag. Town beach is photogenic due to the multicolored umbrellas, the towering hotels, the Casino and the Aquarium in the background and therefore target for photographers. On the right side of the Aquarium is Elli Beach. We used mostly the town beach. The stones in the beach were really hot and water was superior.

After spending some time sunbathing and swimming we went to walk in the old town and to taste the creek food. The “palia poli” (the old city) is the medieval city of Rhodes, surrounded by a high defensive wall. The wall is a typical example of the techniques of the fortification of the 14th -15th century built by the Knights of Saint John, to protect the city from all dangers, whether coming from land or sea. Rhodes city is one of the few medieval cities still inhabited in its largest part. The old town of Rhodes exerts all the fascination of centuries past, it offers to the visitor an inexhaustible wealth of sights to admire.

In Rhodes there are in average 300 days of sunshine a year- and the mild climate make the island suitable for viticulture. Its superb climate, the fertile soil and the geographical position are the main factors which have made the island densely populated from antiquity up to the present. Its population today is around 90,000 and they are able to host more than 1,250,000 visitors a year.

Rhodes is very touristy town, there are surely more tourists than local people. There are several restaurants where you can taste Creek food - moussaka, tzadziki, gyro, well known Greek salad and many others. Our favorites were tzadziki and lamb prepared in Greek way. The place we visited first evening was not so good. May be we got the feeling because of the local wine which did not taste as a wine at all, but may be it was the place. In second evening we went to the open-air restaurant full of people, the food was excellent, service was good and also we liked the music. So we visited this place later several evenings. In general Greek food is low calorie and tasty.

The new town of Rhodos is basic modern city with all the activity you would expect. This can be good if you are looking for the nightlife. We walked there in the evenings, enjoyed the cocktail bars and did some night shopping.