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Boracay - travel guide to Philippines

Boracay White Beach

After working five business days in Makati City we flow at early Saturday morning to Boracay. Boracay is about 7km long and 2km wide at the narrowest point. Boracay Island is well known tourist spot at Philippines. If you want to have a beach holiday, this is place for you.

It has been said that Boracay is that mythical deserted island that people day-dream of running off to while at work or stresses out. The best beach on the island is called White Beach, which is a 4km stretch of beautiful white sand on the western side of the island. This is one of the few naturally produced white sand beaches in the world.

Asian Spirit took us to the Caticlan airport and from Caticlan a boat took us to the Seawind Resort at Boracay’s White Beach. We were greeted with a beaded necklace. The resort was very nice.

After checking in to the bungalow we went explore the beach. This was definitely finest beach we have seen. Sand was so white and tiny, water was so turquoise blue and as the sun was out, it was difficult to keep eyes open without sunglasses. And we did not have sunglasses. But of course in the normal tourist spot the sunglasses sellers come to you. We bought two pairs of sunglasses for 200PHP and now we were reasonably equipped.

Because of the monsoon wind blowing from the White Beach side in August, the sea was rough and swimming in the sea was extreme, but we did it. After swimming we were targets for different beach-sellers. We bought only fruits, but offers were from a snorkeling trip up to massage.

After walking on the beach and having had a seafood soup for a lunch we went on the island tour by the tricycle. The tricycle did not look very new, but it was still interesting ride. Although our help was needed then once it stuck in the mud or did not enough power to head up to the mountain.

First spot was Mount Luho, the highest point on Boracay, it rises to an altitude of about 100 meters above sea level. The panoramic view from the top makes the demanding climb or ride worthwhile. For our tricycle the ride was too hard with three people sitting on top, so two of us took a walk.

After beautiful views from the top and saving the tricycle from mud, we were driving ahead to another beach. Here it was also a tourist market, where different hand-made souvenirs were made. Also, some locals made them there, for example - drilling holes to shells and made so necklaces.

After that the driver took us to his home in Punta Bunga village. Compared to what we saw in Port Barton, the life here was more developed. The house itself was tiny, but for example electricity was here 24h.

We also visited Bat Cave and Crystal cave. The caves were only some 20 meters down, but it was dark, cool, steep, and slippery. We were wearing sandals instead of boots. Our young guide held a light to show us what is in the caves. Then in the bottom of the cave we hear the bats squeaking at the top of the cave.

We had a nice evening on the beach, just walking. We took also a famous Philipino massage, which was really good. We had a dinner in the resort with some San Miquels. I must say, I like Filipino food. It is not something really special, but well flavored.

Next morning we visited Talipapa Market - a place there hordes of locals and tourists hang on the streets, where anything can be bought and all prices haggled. Here you can do one of two things, or both: Shop till you drop for beachwear, souvenirs, trinkets, fresh fruits and whatnot, or just feast your senses on the riot of colors and cacophony of sounds.

Later we spent time on the beach and pool, enjoyed the sun. The wind was really strong at that day. Because of that the banca boat was not able to land on the white beach.

By the evening we arrived in Makati city in our hotel in order to work another week.