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Turistveg in Norway


We woke up at 9AM. Weather was rainy. We had shopping in Bergen. After that we started toward Oslo. We took a Route 7 - Turistveg. The road was extremely beautiful, running along fjords and mountains. Also, there were many tunnels on that road; the longest was 7,2km and climbing up to the mountain.

Highest point on the road was 1246m, it was above treeline. We stopped at 182 meters high Vøringfossen fall. We also saw snow and tried make snowballs. The snow was strange - after making a snowball hands were dry.
The whole driving that day was very scenic. Although the average speed was quite low - 55km/h and for 330 km it took six hours, we were pleased that we choose that road.


We had a lunch in Halne centre - 1140m above the sea level. I would recommend this place, as it was in beautiful surroundings and the staff was very friendly.

As it was Friday night, finding the accomodation was not easy. We found the cosy hytte in Flå (a little bit towards Oslo from Gol) for 250 NOK.