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Lillehammer, Norway

Hytte in Norway

Day 2 - Lillehammer

After a healthy breakfast we headed up to north. Our next destination was Lillehammer. In Lillehammer we visited Olympic Stadium and ski-jumping tower. Also, in Lillehammer we visited we open-air museum Maihaugen. We found very useful information from Tourist info in Lillehammer. After Lillehammer the road took us more to the mountains, we saw already snow ahead. There flew a white water river by the road. Falls and sounds of the rapid mountain river - this all was breathtakingly beautiful. At first we stopped by every fall for taking picture and shoot video.

Self-catering accommodation in Norway

A holiday cottage in Norway is called a 'hytte'. Simply translated means “hut”, but it holds a higher status in Norway than the English word implies.

After 400 km drive this day we found the cosy accommodation near Dombås, 650m above the sea level. Hytte, which has a fridge, cooking stove, dish and two narrow beds built like a shelf against a wall, cost 325 NOK. It seems that there is no need to worry about accommodation, if hytte suits your needs. We grilled the sausages for a dinner; we bought both - sausages and grill from local gas station. From the picnic area the view to the mountains was magnificent.

Picnic Maihaugen