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Dalsnibba & Stryn


Day 4 - Dalsnibba & Stryn

We started at 10:30 from Geiranger village. Our first objective was to reach the Dalsnibba observation platform at 1500m high. The road to the platform was extremely twisty and challenging.

The temperature did fall dramatically after crossing the treeline. The last leg from 1000m to 1500m was toll road (55 NOK). This road was not covered by blacktop. Also, not much barriers were by the road. The temperature at Dalsnibba observation platform was only 6 degrees Celsius (in Geiranger village 20 degrees) and the wind was heavy. The view from the platform to fjords and mountains was magnificent.

Dalsnibba Gear

After Dalsnibba we continued on the old Stryn road for 15 km. The road was very narrow. It made us stop in order to leave the bus or caravan to pass. The old Stryn road leads us to the Summer Skiing Centre at 1000m high. Stryn's skiing centre is opened only from June to September, during the other times of the year the road which leads there is closed. Renting the skiing equipment for one hour cost 150 NOK and the ski pass for half of the day was 200 NOK. But I think the skiing in July was worth it. The slope was quite long; the lift was in insitting style. We did not have sun there, but if you have, you could ski in beach attire. As it was a little bit rainy, the snow was very wet and slippery. I did fall three times during the first descent.

View of Nowegian mountains Stryn hytte

In the afternoon we walked in cute Stryn village. We found the cosy hytte for 300 NOK in Olden village next to small lake. It was so strange that throughout the evening it rained at the lake, but near the hytte (10m from the lake) it was dry.