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Briksdal glacier - glacier wandering guide in Norway

Briksdal Glacier, Norway

Day 5 - Briksdal glacier

We started at 9AM from Olden in order to go to glacier - Briksdalsbreen in Jostedal Glacier National Park. The weather was rainy and it was only 10 degrees. From the Olden to glacier was 25 km. And it continued to rain. Glacier wandering trip costs 230 NOK per person. The price included one hour walk with the instructor and the equipment.

The equipment included mountain-climbing footwear belts, helmet, and axe. We were laced to each other with the rope. Instructor Paula was from New Zealand. Our group consisted of four people - a couple from Netherlands and us. Glacier walk was very exciting. We both experienced dropping also and therefore felt what it means when your fellow keeps you from falling down. Glacier ice was extremely blue; this is because it is very compressed. Everything on glacier was very beautiful and blue; the only bad thing was rain. But continuous rain made glacier more slippery and therefore trip more extreme.

Glacier trip was finished by 1PM. We continued further to Kaupanger, our plan was to drive 200km. We felt that we have plenty of time. But it came out that the roads were extremely narrow and twisty, the average speed was 50 km/h. I started to get use to the windy roads. The driving took so much time that we were in Kaupanger at 7PM. No ferry to Gudvangen was scheduled so late. This meant that we needed a n accommodation in Kaupanger. So far finding the hytte has been “piece of cake”, somehow here it was different. Also, the price level was higher - you could take one for 500 NOK (it was also quite nice). We were already tired from driving from one hytte to another. Finally there was not much left (it seemed that other tourists also arrived) we decided to take a comfortable apartment for 650 NOK (two rooms, kitchen, own bathroom). It came out that it is not possible to pay with credit card and no ATM nearby. We had only 500 NOK cash, and the lady gave us this apartment for 500 NOK. Everything is good what ends happily ...