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Bergen - travel guide with photos


Day 6 - Bergen

We woke up early and catched the 9:20 ferry to Gudvangen. The ferry trip was 2,5 hours. The ferry was fully loaded. Sognefjord was as promised - wide in the beginning, narrow in the Gudvangen side. There were not so many waterfalls as in Geiranger fjord; the surroununding mountains were very beautiful. We also saw during the ferry trip many wooden churches, which are common in Norway. The weather was improving - no rain.

Norwegian Church Sognefjord Travellers

It is 150 km from Gudvangen to Bergen. During that driving we also stopped in Voss, which is small town at the lake. It was nice to relax here - we had lunch, played mini-golf and walked. There was also a possibility to try rafting, but we considered the weather too cold for that.


Bergen was really cute town, especially the houses near the harbour - renovated Hansa buildings and fishing village including fish market. We had a dinner in old town - good pasta, although the prices here are very high. We tried also a funicular railway to Mount Fløye, 320 meters above sea level. From that place there was an excellent view on Bergen. We found again hotel Scandic as a best option for sleeping 970 NOK.

Ferry in Norway