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Closer to the North Cape

Camping at Nordkapp

The road E6 by the Porsangen fjord changes after the village Olderfjord to the road number 95 and is unbelievably scenic until North Cape. Here you can stop to have a breath of the beauty of the mountains, waterfalls and the clean Arctic Ocean. We could not enjoy it fully as it was raining. At one point the rain stopped and although it was still cloudy, we went outside to enjoy the scenery.

We passed five tunnels at that scenic road in this order: 2980m Skarvberg tunnel, 495m Sortviktunnel, 6870m Nordkapptunnel, 190m Sarnestunneln and the last 4440m Honningsågtunnel.
Skarsvåg, Norway
Nordkapptunnel is an attraction in itself. Opened in 1999 it is the second biggest submarine tunnel in the world (6870m long, 212m below the sea level). The traffic sign before the tunnel indicates the roads decline - 10% - as it goes below the Arctic Ocean. And you really feel this decline. In the tunnel there are signs showing how much you have passed and how much you have to drive until the end of the tunnel. For using Nordkapptunnel there is a toll - 140NOK for a car, 46NOK for adult and 23NOK for a child below 16 years. (Bear this in mind when they ask how old your kids are).

After Honningsvåg, as the time was already after 7PM, we started to look for a place where we could spend the night. The road was not by the ocean anymore. The first camping ground was just some kilometers after the town Honningsvåg. There were two hyttes and some double rooms available, hytte at price 500NOK for four people and the same amount for a doubleroom. As it was quite noisy and we have had earlier experience with campings in that country during our earlier trip to Norway we decided to drive furrther. And it was the right decision.

We found the camping Midnattsol just 13 kilometers before Nordkapp for the same price. Here we found a cozy hytte at a quiet location. We had planned to grill sausages for the dinner. But, everything was wet and there was no wood to use for a fire, so we made our sausages in the kitchen on the pan. If you want to grill so North, you should take your own equipment or at least wood with you for grilling (there was a fireplace). We were so hungry that the sausages tasted very good, even made on the pan.
Skarsvåg fishing village
In the ladies toilet there was writing on the wall saying that it is worth to go to Nordkapp after 2AM, as at that time there is nobody to pay the entrance fee of 195NOK per person and many writings saying that they used this option.

Then looking for camping ground or motel close to Nordkapp, there are even better options than the one we used. On the next day we visited the northernmost fishing village Skarsvåg, just two kilometers from Midnattsol camping and there we saw several campings and motels. Also, from that small village there is a possibility to go by foot to the famous Kirkeporten. In order to do so you need to pass one mountain. Unfortunately we could not do this as we had a seven months old baby with us.