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The Temples of Penang

Reclining Buddha

The beach, Temples and new experience with Penang Food
29 December

The first half of the day we spent on the hotel’s beach. The sky was a little bit cloudy, but good enough for the first day. Then we came to the beach, it was closed in the morning. This was because of the Tsunami related dangers, but it opened and as we were there quite early we got good places - 8 sunbathing chairs in a row.

We also walked along a beach and saw the places which were shown in CNN related to tidal wave. In Penang the tsunami caught the unfortunate mostly at Batu Ferringhi, Telok Bahang and Pulau Betong. The tsunami brought the Island its biggest loss of life, damage to property and disruption of livelihood caused by a natural disaster in living memory: 52 persons dead, 5 missing and 206 injured; 615 houses and 1,332 boats damaged, according to the Penang government’s statistics.Penang after tsunami

By lunchtime we have got enough sun, and all of us got some places of the body burned, therefore we decided that tomorrow we will ski beach. At 3PM we went to hotel reception in order to organize some tours for us.

We rented a minivan with the driver. First the bus driver took us to the silver shop. This was not our wish, but it seemed that this was beneficial for him. We did not buy anything. We were interested in temples.

Next we stopped at Wat Chayamangkalaram Temple, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. This brightly painted Temple houses a 33 meters long reclining Buddha, draped in a gold-leafed saffron robe. The claim that it is the third-longest in the world is dubious. At the back of the reclining Buddha, there was cemetery, the whole wall was full of urns with people photos. This colorful temple is worth to visit.

Next we visited Dhammikarama Burmese Temple which stands opposite to Thai temple. This is Penang’s first Buddhist temple, built in 1805. The gates of Burmese Temple have two large stone elephants. Burmese Temple was on the bigger territory and may be therefore left even bigger impression.Temple in Penang

At that afternoon we had even one more attraction - Penang Hill. Penang Hill is the hill resort comprising a group of peaks, the major hill system of Penang Island. Tourists are taken up with the funicular to the Western Hill, which has elevation at highest point of 833 m (2723 ft) above sea level. At the hill there was beautiful Hindu Temple and Mosque, but for some reason they were closed. Addition to that there were some souvenir stands and food stands, but we were not interested in. So, we took some pictures from the high and went down quite quickly.

As the day was about to end when we have come down from the hill, we asked the bus driver to take us to any good restaurant. We were sure that with local’s suggestion we will get even better gastronomic experience than yesterday. First restaurant he wanted to suggest was closed. So, after a little thinking he drove long and bad road. Minivan stopped at the door of the worst restaurant ever seen. They called itself as “World Famous Fish Restaurant”. But this was horrible, all - the smell, the view and unfortunately also the food. We were really disappointed. We waited until the food was served, but then left soon. We ordered the taxi and told to the hosts that we will not pay for that food, because we have not ate it. The taxi took us to the good restaurant in Batu Ferringhi and the driver told that he guarantees that we will love this food, if we will not, he pays us money back. We loved the place and the food there, the place called Jasmine’s Kitchen and we can recommend go there.