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Orang Utan Island

Orang Utan in Malaysia

Orang Utan Island and Ecopark
2 January

We had planned already before arrival in Penang that we go to see Orangutans in Malaysia. The place we have picked up, Orang Utan Island, was not even mentioned in Lonely Planet Guide we had, therefore we were a little bit suspicious. The driver knew that the island is in the resort and there is also EcoPark and waterpark. The bus driver was already for several days Mr. Chong.

The minivan took us to Malaysia mainland, out of Penang. We drove over the famous Penang Bridge. The bridge is a 13.5 km long, stretching from Seberang Prai on the mainland to Gelugor on the island. It is the third largest bridge in the world. Penang Bridge is called as a unique architectural wonder. It was officially opened in September 1988, offering a beautiful view of the open sea, ships and a sprawling coastline.

At the Laketown Resort there was a possibility to buy a ticket to Orang Utan island separately or to buy a combo-ticket and include Ecopark or/and Waterworld. As the weather was perfect, we decided to take the combo-ticket and spend the day there.

Penang BridgeWe started our tour at the Orang Utan Island. The island is different from the usual Zoo - Orang Utan Island is home to free range Orang Utans and for a change, it's the humans that are in a reinforced cage. Here we saw monkey boys and girls; we loved most three-year old Carlos and Pauline. They were allowed to come to the cage and they really made us laugh when they touch our legs or jumped on the ropes. We also saw a king May, this was really huge Orangutan. We took a lot fantastic pictures of those animals.

After the island we visited Ecopark. We could not read out from the name what to expect there. But this was a small tropical zoo, there visitors can feed the animals. The food is sold here. The tour in Ecopark started with a funny monorail ride, where we should crank by ourselves. From this monorail we saw some animals, but more of them we saw then walking. When walking in the park, we at first faced very friendly parrots and birds of all kinds. Many were tame enough to hand feed.

In the park there are so many things to see and do here and different paths to take. Then walking in the Zoo, we tried to wear a big snake and iguana. We also saw a parrot show, where the birds drove bicycle, played basketball and did other interesting things. The best was a monkey section. Here we were assaulted by heaps of gorgeous spider monkeys who clambered all over to get the peanuts we bought when entered the park. Tip: Buy lots of peanuts as these charming creatures will all but climb into your pockets to get to the nuts!

As the weather was really hot, now it was time for waterpark. The water here was not very clear. After being there for some time we started to suspect that the water is muddy because Moslem and Hindu women swim in full clothes, in those same they wear on the streets. Our children (at the age 13-19) had fun time on water slides and balls; we just enjoyed the sun and the water. Finally we could say that we ha a perfect day in Laketown Resort. We ended the day with the dinner in Mini Market, just across the street from our hotel. This Mini Market was a small shop with some tables for eating. The place does not look very fabulous, but the food was just excellent.