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Trekking Malaysian rainforest


Jungle Trekking and Spice Garden
3 January

We spent first half of the day at the hotel beach. All of us are already tanned and some already burned a little, but the thought that in only couple of days we should go back to dark and cold Estonia gives us the reason to sunbath on the beach. We have noticed that local TV channels do not pay much attention to weather forecast, because the weather is almost the same - the temperature, the wind, only sometimes it rains a little. This is totally different from that what we have at home. In Estonia the weather forecast is shown often and people like to watch it several times a day. This is because the weather changes very quickly and usually it is lousy.

After the lunch we went for jungle trekking. We did not know what to expect, the minivan took us there. At the place it appeared that there are marked trails in the rain forest; they are different in terms of length and difficulty. Jungle trekking was free of charge. We did not have a guide, only from a map we picked a mid-range trek to go. By the instructions it should have take 1,5 hours, we did it in 50 minutes.

RainforestThe walking itself was not very hard, although it was hot and without wind in the forest. But the noises were extraordinary, this was really wild. At the trek we saw different rain forest plants, also a meat-eating plant. For some reason, this environment doesn’t provide enough of nutrients the plants need. As the result, these plants have adopted to their environment by developing ways to catch insects for the extra food they need.

As after the jungle trekking it was still too early for dinner, we also visited Spice Garden. There were three different trails, we walked them all. Spice garden was a beautiful and very well maintained nature park. All plants had signs with the names and where they grow. Here we saw how different spices we use in the kitchen grow. The entrance to the Spice Garden cost 13 ringgits per person.

We went back to the hotel, because we wanted to book a trip for tomorrow to go to Langkawi Coral. As it was a first trip after tsunami, we got discounted price.

We had a dinner in Batu Ferringhi at Jasmine’s Kitchen. Waiters remembered us already from last time. The food was perfect as expected, also the service was excellent. When driving to our hotel from the restaurant, we noticed that at the restaurant bill, there was three Tandur Chicken, although we had only two. We told about that to the taxi driver and as he knew the owners of the place, he called there. The waiter explained that yes, this was his mistake, and showed also that this was corrected at one of the later rows. We apologized to each other.