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Trip to Lyon, France

Basilica Notre-Dame de Fourvière


Our trip to Lyon in June 2004 was related to business, but still we had a chance to see beautiful sights there.

Lyon is a city in east central France. The second largest French city has a reputation as the French capital of gastronomy. Lyon is situated on the shores of Rhône and Saône rivers. There are also two large hills, one to the west and one to the north of the historic city centre; and a large plain which sprawls westward for the historic city centre.

We stayed in Hilton Lyon along the River Rhôone. As Lyon airport is quite far from a city we took a bus to the centre. But as it was quite late already (our plane arrived at 11PM), it was quite difficult to find the right direction from the city centre to the hotel. Locals whom we asked from, did not know the hotel or street and mostly they even did not speak English. Finally we found a taxi and drove last 2 km with it. It has been wiser (although more expensive) to take a cab from the airport.

In the hotel, the room we have booked, was not available, they offered for us better room, on the executive floor. The room was nice, it even had a big lovely balcony with a view overlooking the river. After a shower we took couple of beers and sat down on the balcony. Although it was 1AM already, the weather was warm and it was very nice to relax. At one point we realized, that the door has somehow got locked. This was quite bad news, as we did not have mobile phones with us, also sny widgets what would help us to open the door. But as always, you find a solution.

Next morning, after a good sleep, we explored this beautiful city. Hilton Lyon is on a bus line but not close enough to walk to the city. We got directions and the map from the reception of the hotel.