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New Year’s Eve

Fireworks in Mombasa

New Year’s Eve was our second evening in Kenya. It was so different from those we have had so far. We had never experience 30 degrees warmth at 31st December. We spent a day at the pool and also did some shopping in local market in order to buy some champagne for evening.

The celebration started already at the lunchtime, when national dancers made a show at the beach. This was really interesting. We enjoyed the show.

The dinner table at that night was just gorgeous. The woman’s national costume was made from fruits. Several meals were served in many different forms. There was Kenyan food, but also Mediterranean, Italian, what ever you want. And this all was really delicious.
Party food in Mombasa, Kenya
When we sat down in chosen table, our waiter came to us. The party-tools were at the table for use – hats, serpentines, etc. We took them happily to use.

During the evening several entertainers were at the scene – Masai dancers, limbo dancers, actors who impersonated as a “president elected”, etc. The whole evening was real fun, even we danced with Masais.

Our waiter also taught us some Swahili words. We realized that words in Swahili and Estonian are similar, although meaning is different. For example “Kisu” in Swahili is “knife”, but in Estonian this means “kitty”. The most surprising thing was that “Raha” is in Swahili “happiness”, but in Estonian “money”.

At the midnight there was a huge firework at the beach. This was beautiful!