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Year End in Kenya

Going there

In autumn 2002 we planned to go somewhere warm with our friends for New Years Eve. We drank several wines before a decision to go to Africa and Kenya. None of us had been in Africa before (except Egypt) and therefore we were really excited about the trip.

Coconut for tourists
The weather in Estonia was really cold during Christmas. Therefore it felt really unbelievable and desirable at the same time to go somewhere, with temperatures well over +30 degrees. When we left Tallinn, it was -20 degrees.

At first we flew to Vienna where we had to spend several hours in the airport. From Vienna to Mombasa we flew during the night. The flight was more than 10 hours. It was good that the time difference was just 1 hour with Vienna and no difference at all, compared to our home.
Life is a beach

It was so hot when we arrived in the Moi International Airport in Mombasa. The representative of the tourist agency greeted us. We just stood there with clothes suitable for a much colder climate. Our luggage was taken to the roof of the minivan (which was not very new). The suitcases were tied onto the roof.

Our journey had begun. We felt ourselves very pleasantly as the weather was warm. The city of Mombasa looked a bit odd, different from the million towns we have been so far. Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya, lying by the Indian Ocean. It has a major port and it is also a center of the coastal tourism industry.

The minivan took us to Safari Beach hotel, where we stayed for the following week.