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John F. Kennedy Space Center

After spending time in very natural environment - ocean, swamp, beach - we drove towards Orlando, to see man made Disneyworld. On the way from Miami to Orlando, there is a must see attraction 45 miles from Orlando and 209 miles from Miami - John F. Kennedy Space Center. The actual spaceport and launch facilities are located on nearby Cape Canaveral, a vast peninsula with restricted public access. The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, just outside of the cape is open to the public daily from 9AM until 5PM. It includes many exhibits, films and displays, plus it offers opportunities to tour the actual spaceport and launch facility.

The Space Center is situated on the Cape Canaveral. Rockets have a long history on Cape Canaveral, already since 1950s when military launches took place there. We understood from exhibition in the Space Center that USA has chosen the location for its proximity to the ocean, allowing over-the-water launches. Supporting factor to the choice was also a climate, which allows year-round operation.

The exhibition in Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral is very popular attraction. The popularity is well-deserved because here a visitor can see an actual Moon rock (if we believe that Apollo 11 landed on Moon in July 1969), touch all the Apollo space shuttles and see how tight it is inside. We also took a walk in the Rocket Garden, which is home of Mercury and Gemini era rockets. Here we looked inside to the different rockets. As the Rocket Garden is outside and in August it is very hot in Florida, we needed the water and sunglasses. After leaving at 5 pm, we checked out the Astronaut Hall of Fame. Here were lots of educational displays, but also lots of kids’ hands on displays.

In IMAX theatre we saw a 3-D movie “L-5, First City in Space”. The film on screen is “larger than life”- big picture and big sound; therefore it really takes you in. Last we visited the souvenir shop in visitor center - Space shop and bought some T-shirts and cups. One can say that Kennedy Space Center is about big boys toys, but I believe the exhibits keep both sexes interested and all ages happy from the youngest to the oldest visitor.