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Florida - Travel guide with photos


Florida - our first trip to US

In spring 1997 we had a good evening with our friends and it came out that we all have a dream to visit US. At that time it seemed pretty out of reach, for me at least - long and expensive flight, time difference and probably expensive at destination. Next day we discussed the idea at home, we also made a basic budget for the trip (later it appeared two times too optimistic) and the conclusion was that we can not afford it. But more we talked about the idea, our desire to go there increased.

We applied for visa in local embassy and a week later had a tourist visa to go to US for ten years. Now there was no going back - our dream was about to come true. Just the formalities have been left - buy a plane ticket, book the rental car, pack the suitcase, and go.

Our trip began on 3rd of August with the flight to Frankfurt where we had to spend a night before the flight to Miami. Now, looking from perspective, it is interesting to notice, that smoking was allowed in the planes. Today this looks pretty strange. Miami welcomed us with warm and wet weather. Everything what followed was full of positive surprises …