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Monaco - Monte Carlo

Musée océanographique de Monaco

Our next day on trip was planned for French Riviera - famous Côte d'Azur. It is 570km from Venice to Monaco. We found the accommodation from Tourist Info. When counting on that you must bear in mind that they are open until 8PM. We were at Tourist Info at 7:55PM. The lady was very friendly and found us the hotel in Alassio for 60EUR. Alassio lies in the beautiful bay between Capo Santa Croce and Capo Mele on the western Riviera. It has been one of the main international tourist sea-side resorts in the whole area for over a century. It boasts a beautiful sandy beach stretching for over 3 km. The town itself was a little bit strange place.By walking on the promenade we met only senior people or people with young children. It was very quiet, no disco- or karaoke bars. It seems that this is the town where people come to have peace.

After the breakfast we drove towards Monaco. The day was bright and warm. After driving 70km on the beautiful coast of Mediterranean Sea we were in Monaco. Navigator guided us to the parking house near the famous Casino Tunnel and when we were ready to explore Monaco.

The Harbour. I have not seen such a Yacht as Lady Moura, which stood at the Monaco Harbor. This was more than huge. There were also many other beautiful and big yachts but this was above any expectations.

Palais du Prince. From the harbor we walked to Palais du Prince. The road takes you to the hill, so it is needed to have a bottle of water with you on the hot day. We had it with us. When we arrived to the palace, we filled the bottle with the water from the well. There is also a possibility to wash the hands and face. Lots of tourists hang around here constantly. There are many expensive souvenir shops in Monaco Ville. We sent postcards to our moms and grandmas from the post office. The streets in Monaco Ville are clean and you can smell the wealth at every step you make.

Monte Carlo Casino. Although we saw and felt the wealth in Monaco Ville, there was even more near the Monte-Carlo Casino. The concentration of expensive sports cars was increasing. Ferraris with red brake shoes were not rare. The park near the Casino was beautiful and groomed. We also walked in the gardens behind the Casino. Here the statue of Adam and Eve stands. And surprisingly one part of Adam’s body shines more. It seems that visitors hope to have more luck after touching it.

After long walking tour in Monaco we started to find the accommodation in Provence with the help of Lonely Planet guide. We choose Hotel Ste Therese because of the promised view over the valley and good price. Later it turned out, that the price 34EUR was per person and without breakfast. Total for two persons and breakfasts was 81EUR. May be I just missed that part in the book, but this was not a good surprise and spoiled little bit my mood. After that everything was good again.

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