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Great shots and very good descriptions - you should be a tour guide!
Brings nice memories of my visit to Tallin.

Amazing photos...I saved a few to keep them as wallpaper..thanks..


thank you for letting me know there is such a BEAUTIFUL place in the world - Tallinn, Estonia. You do give me an idea where to go travelling for my next vacation ;)

Estonia looks like an AMAZING place, next time I am in Europe I am going to visit there for sure!

I recently found this cool website, it makes me want to go there even more!

Yay! Otsisin pilte, mida oma rahvusvahelistele sõpradele näidata, ja sattusin siia :) Väga hea leht...ootan huviga järgmisi loodusfotosid.

Beautiful pictures.

Kind regards from Greifswald, Germany

Tõsiselt kaunid pildid - elades siin, ei oska oma silmaga nii vaadata... Kõik on ju nii igapäevane...

This is a beautiful gallery and it was great to discover your photos. I will come again to browse when I have more free time.

Need fotod on nii ilusad. Meenutab mitmeid reise...aitäh!

What an awesomely beautiful city; I really appreciate the tour.

nice pictures, thanks for showing your city.

Hi i like the picture u took :) im from Tallinn and i was happy to see latest pictures of my City thanks

very nice city-shots - I really want to visit the baltics once - its seems a very interesting place to visit... and to photograph of course!

I can't wait for the sun to come out. My 20D needs a good workout and the old town seems like a good place to start

A truly beautiful city, now added to my gotta see list!

Thanks so much for sharing this amazing part of the world with us. A beautiful portrait of your surroundings!

Thanks for your comments on my Tallin pics! :D
You have some wonderful photos here - nice to see it when the sun is out, though it's beautiful in the snow too! You're very lucky to live somewhere so photogenic!

Hi, you have some amazing pictures on your site. Tallinn looks gorgeous and has been added to my list of places to go!

väga head pildid,Tallinn on veel ilusam sinu silma läbi.Tõesti hea galerii mida hea oma siinsetele(Sydney) sõpradele näidata ja loodan siis nad ei aja enam eestit Venemaa voi mone teise riigiga segamini :)))

Looks a wonderful place!..well done..

I'll be there next October, any special recomendation?
By the way... Great Pictures!!!

Hi I´ll be there next October as well. Could you please recommend about the night life?

Thank you for remiding me the moments I've spent in Tallinn many years ago. It's a beautiful town and your pictures reflected its beaty.

What a beautiful City --- thank you for the Tour
Regards Bob

I'll be visiting Tallinn in June 2006. This is a wonderful overview. Your photography is awesome!!! Thank you

Your pics are wonderful. My father came to Canada during the war and I have always wanted to visit. I have to go now.


hello kersti, we are publishing a turkish trends and travel magazine called &life. in our april issue we have tallin in our travel pages. i saw your photos and i am interested in them. i was wondering if it is ok to use some of your images. you can be credited if you like. please reply as soon as possible. thank you very much

Fascinating photos! Tallinn is one of the ports to be visited on our impending cruise on the Aurora. These stunning pictures have whetted our appetite for the real thing. Margaret. U.K.

I enjoyed to see your Estonian pictures. They reminded me of af wonderful trip I had last year. We visited some of the places shown in your photos. I have collected the photos on my homepage - link above. Although my text is in Danish I hope you will enjoy the photos!

- Niels

I've have been in Estonia it isn't so nice - maybe got in wrong town ;)

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