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A Trip to California

Arizona nature

Arrival in SF, Mountain Hill, CA
25 September

In 1998 we visited USA second time. This time our trip covered California, Arizona and Las Vegas in Nevada. As we had 10-years visa and our first trip to Florida was full only of positive memories, we had high expectations towards the journey.

We had three connecting flights - Tallinn Copenhagen, Copenhagen - Chicago and Chicago - San Francisco. This whole flying took 28 hours. Including a longer stop in Chicago, as Air Force One landed just at the time we were in the plane ready for departure.

So, we landed in San Francisco, quite tired and jet lagged. We rented a car - a nice Pontiac Grand Am and started to look for accommodation, as it was dark already when all the procedures in the San Francisco airport were done.

We had a car, it was dark, we were tired and we were in San Francisco with a paper map. As a result of that we also tried driving opposite direction in the one way street. But finally we found the way out from the city towards Los Angeles.

Before the trip we have made some plans with the help of Streets and Trips and where to accommodate. First night we found a motel in small town Mountain Hill. When we woke up in the next morning, we were positively surprised by the view - there were small hills and the town looked pretty calm and peaceful. Our trip has started well and when driving towards Los Angeles, the scenery got even better.


Hope to get trip to california some day - best place for live on earth! Greetings from Poland

I was about half a year, in 1967, working in Hollywood, ABC tv-studio, nice memories! In Warsaw I was working the year 1999. Greetings from Finland.