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Zillertal, Mayrhofen


Getting there

In October 2003 we started to plan our year-end vacation. As we already visited this year some warm places - Kenya and Philippines, it felt like we want to ski. So far we have had experience in mountain skiing only from Scandinavia, this time we wanted something different and based on the reviews we choose Mayrhofen in Zillertal valley, Austria.

At the end of October we contacted the Estonian tourist office in order to buy the reasonable accommodation with their help. They were very helpful and friendly, but said that we are a little bit late; usually people book the year-end skiing holidays in such excellent skiing resort in January, after previous year-end vacation. But still they recommended us to send 50-60 e-mails to different pensions and guesthouses and there is always a possibility that you are just lucky.

So, next Sunday was full of exploring internet for Mayrhofen accommodation and sending e-mails. Unfortunately also for receiving negative response - “Thank you for your interest! We are fully booked. Maybe you want to make the reservations for next year end?”, etc. We also got “No” from Landhaus Veronika. Although, luckily, somebody cancelled their reservation and they came back to us with the positive news. Now we had only book the ferry and wait for the dates.

At 25 December we started our journey with Regina Baltica ferry from Tallinn to Stockholm. Ferry was quite empty. During the evening program there was Music-quiz, what we won! So the trip started very happily.

From Stockholm we drove to Lubeck, where we had a booking in Best Western Hotel Lübecker-Hof. The hotel was nice and breakfast delicious. So next morning we started at 9:30AM in order to be in Mayrhofen in the evening.

This was our first experience on famous German Autobahns, where the speed is unlimited. We had 1000km to drive on that day, with several stops it took 10 hours.

We arrived in Mayrhofen at 8PM, it was dark already, but still we were able to notice the beauty of this Alpic village. We found easily our accommodation in Apparthotel Mayrhofen. Apparthotel surprised us positively.