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What we did during seven days?

The island of Västerö is 1,5 km long and 1 km wide. We were only habitants during a vacation week, except for wild animals. From wild animals we saw deer and minks. There are also rabbits and foxes on the island.

Trekking or walking was our main activity. Our house was about 300 meters from small harbor and sauna. Also, we made several walks to pick up berries (raspberries and cowberries) for just eating and for cakes. Västerö is rocky, so it was good exercise to climb on the rocks.

Boating. We had two small boats to use – Buster and Galaxy. Galaxy was more stable and with that we tripped around nearby islands, made a trip around Västerö and visited small lagoon at Birkskär. At one very beautiful afternoon we drove to Kälo, the island that has a regular public boat. The surroundings are picturesque and it was so relaxing to go boating there.

Fishing. In the first year we tried to fish with spinning, this was not successful. The beginning of August is not best time for fishing – the weather is still too warm in Archipelago, fish like cooler weather more. We also tried fishing with nets. The result was not perfect – 5 fish. We smoked them and they tasted heavenly. Second year we even did not bring spinnings with us. On the first day we went fishing with nets and it was a success – our catch was 25 sea basses. We cleaned and salted them and had a delicious dinner next day – smoked fish. Next days our catch with nets was less, but still we had a soup of five sea bass and smoking fish again from 25 sea basses. The last catch was caught with fishing pole from boat bridge.

Sauna. Our vacation home had a sauna in a separate building, perfectly by the sea. We heated the sauna each night up to 90 degrees Celsius and enjoyed its relaxing influence on us. After heating bodies up at the sauna we jumped into the sea, which was rather cold – 16 degrees Celsius.

The week in Västerö is perfect vacation, far away from everyday worries in every way. There is no Internet or TV on the island. Even the cellular coverage is available only at certain spots.